The all new Amped A16 is the first powered balance bike to feature a fully integrated rear hub motor. This new design means that the power is instant creating less drag, no noise and very low maintenance.

The A16 is also fitted with a rear disc brake to give excellent stopping power with even the lightest input from the rider.

There are 2 speed settings, Eco and Boost mode. In Eco the A16 is limited to 7.5mph. On boost the bike is limited to 12.5 MPH.

As with the A10 models, the A16 features the easily removable 18V 5.2ah lion battery.

Motor: XF05H-2 Rear Hub Motor
Rated Power: 120w
Max Torque: 20N.m
Speed: 12km/h at Eco and 20km/h at Boost
Tire: Front and Rear 16×2.00
Wheel: 5 Spoke Alloy
Seat Height: 455mm
Wheel Base: 700mm
Weight: 11.6kgs
Frame: Aluminum TIG Welded
Fork: Steel
Battery: 18V 5.2Ah 94Wh lion battery
Dimension: 1200mmx520mmx600mm

Price: £450