Storm R 110cc Quad

We are pleased to launch the new 2023 Storm 110R quad bike with reverse gear!

The Storm 110R quad packs a powerful punch for it’s competitive price. Safety is paramount, reliability is excellent and a full range of spare parts are available off the shelf at all times. The great benefit of this quad is a fully automatic gearbox which features the proven ‘rev & go’ system which is very easy for children to use.

This quad features and easily adjustable speed limiter with a variable top speed of approx. 10 – 30+mph. The speed limiter is mounted on the handlebar and can be adjusted in a few seconds with a simple tool. The quad is also fitted with a very low noise, high quality four stroke engine (just like a car) so no messy oil mixing is required!

Unlike some other makes, the 110R has both front and rear suspension for better cornering and a more comfortable ride. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are operated by easily accessible levers on the handlebar so there is no complicated foot brake to worry about.

Key Machine Features –
110cc Fully automatic (4 stroke) restrictable engine
Easy ‘rev & go’ thumb throttle
Forward, reverse & neutral gears
Push button electric start
Wide axles & low centre of gravity for added stability
Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes
Chunky off road 7″ tyres

Price: £1200