The Proworks Scissor Lift is a high lifting, versatile and ergonomic stand that’s perfect for maintenance work in both the paddock and your garage. The lift is made from high-quality steel with a nice satin powder coating. The bottom part can easily be adjusted +/- 3 cm to fit your bike and can hold bikes weighing up to 160 kg. The upper plate measures 380 x 285 mm and has a service hole of 105 x 175 mm that, for example, allows you to change oil without removing the bike from the stand.

• Height can be adjusted from 31 cm up to 82 cm
• Both a hook and a safety bar included
• Weight: 19.6 kg

NOTE; The lift should not be pumped higher beyond where it's possible to enter the safety sprint, this can result in failure of the pump due to high pressure/over-extension.



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